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The EQ IQ Quiz


1. You have a disaster emergency kit that includes a flashlight, battery-operated radio, extra batteries, a first aid kit, food, water and other necessities that would sustain your family for:
a) 2 weeks
b) 1 week
c) 3 days


3. If you are driving and an earthquake strikes, you should:
a) Stop the car and run to the side of the road until the shaking stops.
b) Pull to the side of the road; get out of the car and duck, cover and hold.
c) Pull to the side of the road and stop your vehicle away from power lines, road signs or bridges.

5. If you are home and smell gas shortly after an earthquake, you should:
a) Call 911.
b) Locate and turn off the gas valve yourself.
c) Leave your home immediately.

7. If you suffered extensive losses in an earthquake, you would determine which of your contents were destroyed and their monetary value by:
a) I keep a home inventory of my belongings so I could look at that to determine my losses.
b) I have a good memory and would probably be able to recall the items lost.
c) I would be able to determine an approximate value of the items that were destroyed.


9. An earthquake has damaged your home, what steps should you take to get it repaired?
a) I will make minor repairs to secure the home and file an insurance claim immediately.
b) I'll hire the contractor who is going through our neighborhood. That way, I can get my repairs done now. We'll call our insurance agent to get reimbursed.
c) I will wait until after my insurance claim is settled before I make any repairs to my home.
2. When an earthquake strikes, you should:
a) Go outside into an open area.
b) Duck, cover and hold.
c) Freeze where you are and wait for the shaking to stop.

4. If your family is separated when an earthquake hits, how should you confirm that each member is safe and unharmed?
a) We would call the school and offices to contact each other.
b) We have cellular phones, and would use those to contact each other.
c) Our family has an out-of-state contact that we would all check in with and have identified a local family emergency meeting location.

6. If an earthquake struck today and caused $100,000 worth of damage to your home and contents you would:
a) Walk away from your home, declare bankruptcy and start over.
b) Use funds that you have saved for a disaster or your earthquake insurance policy to repair the damage.
c) Plan to rebuild using government assistance.

8. It is estimated that of the more than $15 billion in insured damage from the Northridge earthquake, what percentage could have been prevented if homeowners had taken prevention steps such as anchoring bookcases to the wall?
a) 4 percent
b) 8 percent
c) 12 percent

10. My homeowners' insurance policy will cover damage to my swimming pool or unattached garage.
a) True
b) False