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Prepare, Survive, Recover


The Home Inventory [pdf]

Settling Insurance Claims After a Disaster [pdf]


Assess Disaster Risks To Determine Insurance Needs
Japan's massive quake and tsunami shold serve as a wake-up call to Californians to evaluate and prepare for perils in their own communities.

Poll:  Californians Overwhelmingly Recognize Personal Reponsibility To Update Insurance  
Californians overwhelmingly consider it their responsibility to prevent underinsurance, with homeowners in areas struck by catastrophic wildfire most strongly recognizing that they must keep their homes adequately insured, according to a new statewide poll.

Poll:  Californians Don't Act On their Instinct For Financial Preparedness
A vast majority of Californians consider it their responsibility to keep their insurance current, but don't bother to read their homeowners policies each year, a new study has found.

IINC Provides "Insurance 411"
If an earthquake struck right now, you would wish you hadn't left home without it.  But all too often, homeowners discover that they don't have basic insurance information at their fingertips.

Planning for a Catastrophe Increases Survival Odds
For many families, survival and recovery may depend on a carefully-crafted household disaster plan.


Federal Disaster Assistance
California is a state fractured by faults, rich with thick, combustible vegetation and vulnerable to violent storms. 

Following a disaster, federal recovery relief may be available to victims.

The Importance of a Home Inventory
Try this game.  Sit in your kitchen with a pen and paper.  Without looking, try to write down the entire contents of your living room.  Now, check to see how many items were missed.

Insurance for Your House and Personal Possessions
If your house burns down or is destroyed by a violent windstorm, or if your possessions are stolen, you don't want to suddenly find out that your homeowners insurance policy pays less than you thought it would.


Home Inventory
It used to be that taking inventory of everything you own was confusing and difficult to do.  People couldn't figure out what to inventory, what to take pictures of or where to put it. 
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Preventing Underinsurance
It's a homeowners worst nightmare:  a fire or a fierce storm or flood comes through and leaves your house in ruins.  Updating your homeowners insurance regularly can help you be prepared. 
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Survey:  Are Californians Ready For a Disaster?
Given California's history of natural disasters -- inlcuding earthquakes, floods, landslides and wildfires -- you'd think Californians would be prepared for the "big one."
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Home Evacuation
Two families and one drill -- evacuate the house in 10 minutes.  But there is a big difference:  One family had talked about how to evacuate while the other, like most, had not.
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Insurance 411 eTool
Emergency Supplies Checklist from the California Office of Emergency Services

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