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IINC Spots is the podcast of the Insurance Information Network of California, where we will help you wade through the wide world of insurance -- without jargon, gray suits or “legalese.”

Each episode of IINC Spots is designed to help you understand the issues that can help you become a better insurance consumer -- and maybe save you a few bucks in the process.

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Welcome To Our World!
Do you hear the word “insurance” and tune out?  Let’s face it -- insurance can be a conversation killer.  But it shouldn’t be.

The fact of the matter is that insurance touches your life in more ways than you may realize, and if you take just a little time to understand it, you can lead a safer life -- and maybe save you a little money.

He's A Travelin' Dog
Californians are great at buckling up in the car -- but how about when they travel with their four-legged buddies?

We'll show you how to take Fluffy and Fido on the road -- without causing distractions that will put you, other drivers and your pets in danger. With guest hosts Max the Bearded Collie and Seamus the Wheaten Terrier.

Look, Ma! No Hands!
New laws for the use of hands-free devices for cell phones go into effect in California this summer.

IINC Spots sorts through the options available for getting your hands off the phone and onto the steering wheel -- even on a limited budget.

3:10 To Yorba Linda
With gas prices rising faster than a bottle rocket, more and more Californians are riding trains and other public transit to make up for the pain at the pump.

But did you know that changing the way you commute may save you money on more than just gas and car repairs?

Theft Takes A Holiday
It's vacation time. Do you know how safe your house is? FBI crime statistics show that burglary rate jumps by 10-to-20 percent during the peak vacation months of June, July and August. But, you don't have to be a statistic -- if you do a few simple things to protect your home while you're on the road.