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The Consumer Page

From automotive safety to disaster readiness, IINC encourages Californians to lead safer lives and prepare themselves for risk. By educating consumers about the role that insurance plays in their lives, IINC helps consumers protect themselves and save money by choosing the insurance products that best fit their needs.

Personal Lines

Auto Insurance and Safety
If it moves, you should insure it. Whether a car, a motorcycle, an RV or a bicycle, insurance is the cornerstone to protecting yourself should you cause an accident or if you suffer a loss from theft or damage caused by an uninsured driver. Also in this section you will find information on California driving laws, mileage-based insurance, safety issues and understanding the basics of auto insurance so you can be a sharper consumer.

Home Insurance and Safety
Is your home properly insured? Have you taken steps to secure large bookcases to the wall in preparation for an earthquake? Does your yard look like it could survive the ferocity of a wildfire? What is earthquake and flood insurance, and why are they separate from a standard policy? Find this and more in this section.

Renters Insurance
More often than not, renters don't bother purchasing renters insurance. In fact, about three in four renters opt not to insure their belongings figuring that they either don't have that much to insure or that the property owners policy covers the renters property. However, though policies do vary, policies for renters could cost in the range of $0.50 to $0.75 per day.

Commercial Lines
There are more than seven million small businesses in the U.S., ranging from construction firms to grocery stores to home-based businesses. All have one thing in common: Without the right insurance coverage, each could be wiped out by a disaster or a lawsuit. In addition, almost all businesses are accountable for the safety of their workers and are responsible for injuries suffered on the job. 

Specialty Lines
From covering damage due to a nuclear power plant disaster to travel insurance or wedding insurance, many specialty coverages are available for anything you can dream of.

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