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Safety: How Insurers Make Lives Safer
Published 11/4/2013 | Specialty
Property and casualty insurance companies compete with each other for business in the marketplace, but everyday they work together to create a safer world. Making cars, homes and products safer, reduces accidents and protects people. In the process, increased safety reduces insurance claims, saves lives and keeps insurance affordable. Insurance companies invest a great amount of money and time in researching, testing and educating, all with proven results in reducing danger.

Travel Insurance
Published 07/1/2013 | Specialty
Vacation cancellations due to severe weather, medical emergencies, mechanical problems, bankruptcy of an airline, cruise line or tour operator, jury duty or armed forces call-up may be reason enough to consider travel insurance. But before purchasing travel insurance, it is best to carefully read and understand the policies and options.

Travel insurance is designed to put the “bon” in bon voyage. It can provide extra protection before, during and after a trip or vacation.

Published 01/1/2013 | Specialty
Reinsurance is insurance purchased by insurance companies to protect them from severe losses. Similar to a consumer that purchases earthquake insurance to protect the investment in their home in the event of an earthquake, insurance companies purchase reinsurance to protect themselves from events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters in which a large number of claims may be filed.  
Art: In the Eye of the Policyholder
Published 08/16/2011 | Specialty
Art, it is often said, is in the eye of the beholder. But without proper insurance coverage, art that is lost, stolen or damaged can be out of sight completely.
Homeowners or renters purchasing a piece of valuable art should call their insurance agent, broker or company representative as soon as possible. It’s important to find out if the artwork can be covered under the standard homeowner or renter policy or if additional coverage is needed.

Nuclear Disasters and Insurance
Published 03/16/2011 | Specialty
Seven nuclear power facilities have been built in California over the last 50 years.  While most have been deactivated, two of these plants are still in operation: The Diablo Canyon facility located near San Luis Obispo, and the San Onofre facility located between Los Angeles and San Diego. Though these plants are owned and operated privately, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates them.

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