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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. Who Needs Renters Insurance?
Published 02/13/2013 | Renters
You do if you rent and have: stereos, cameras, computers, clothing, jewelry, bicycles, televisions or other valuables you can't afford to replace if stolen, damaged or destroyed. A renters policy can protect your investments -- but you must be able to choose a policy wisely to be sure that all your possessions are covered, and that you don't purchase too much coverage.

Renters Insurance Commonly Asked Questions
Published 07/11/2008 | Renters
Renters insurance is often overlooked by many who rent apartments or homes.  Many renters neglect to purchase insurance because it may seem confusing or that the property owners' insurance will cover damages of their personal belongings.  To clear up any confusion, IINC addresses some common questions to renters insurance.

How Do You Buy Renters Insurance?
Published 06/11/2008 | Renters
Approximately 75 percent of renters opt not to purchase renters insurance. While buying renters insurance may seem daunting, it is really as simple as following five easy steps.