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IINC Programs

IINC develops and participates in several community outreach programs to help provide public education on insurance and safety-related topics. Through partnerships with various organizations, IINC has sponsored programs on earthquake preparedness, DUI awareness, fire safety, personal finance and other issues.

IINC staff also participates in numerous community safety fairs, talking one-on-one with consumers and distributing informational materials.

To learn more about these programs, click on the links below.

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California Wildfire: A Study of Risk
Published 09/19/2012 | IINC Programs
More than 2 million California homes face extreme wildfire hazards, according to new research by the insurance industry. 
Analysis by the Insurance Information Network of California and Verisk Insurance Solutions -- Underwriting, a unit of Verisk Analytics, (Nasdaq: VRSK), reveals that the majority of high-risk homes are located in Southern California. However, rural Northern California counties are not exempt, as many of these regions have the highest percentage of homes exposed to extreme fire dangers.
DUI Awareness: Battle of the Bartenders®
Published 12/14/2011 | IINC Programs

Since 1996, the Insurance Information Network of California® has sponsored Battle of the Bartenders® non-alcoholic drink events across California in an effort to promote responsible drinking and safe driving.

Earthquake Safety: The Great ShakeOut
Published 11/11/2008 | IINC Programs

Southern California schools, businesses, government agencies and emergency responders rode the waves of the largest earthquake simulation ever conducted. 

The Great Southern California ShakeOut simulated a magnitude 7.8 earthquake prompting residents all across the southland to "Drop, Cover and Hold On" for safety.

California Disaster Preparedness Poll
Published 03/8/2006 | IINC Programs
In February 2006, the Insurance Information Network of California and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company commissioned a statewide poll to determine Californians' attitudes toward disaster preparedness.  The study was conducted to recognize the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake and fire which nearly leveled the city.

The result?  Californians believe that their state is prone to disasters, but see little motivation to prepare for nature's crushing blows.
Fusion: Emerging Markets Conference
Published 06/21/2005 | IINC Programs
California’s cultural melting pot challenges professional marketers and communicators to tailor their efforts to communities that are constantly evolving. To address the many challenges of reaching these emerging markets, the Insurance Information Network of California will host a one-day business conference for the insurance industry.

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