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Homeowner Insurance: Gun Liability
Published  02/8/2013 | Home

A standard homeowner or renters insurance policy provides policyholders coverage against theft and liabilities, such as someone slipping and falling on your property or against injuries from dog bites. These policies also provide some coverage for firearms.

Specifically, a homeowner or renters insurance policy will typically cover theft of a firearm stolen from the premises and liability due to the accidental discharge of a firearm causing injury up to the limits of the policy. However, intentional acts, such as shooting an individual, is not covered under such policies.

Homeowner liability policy limits do vary, but typically range from $150,000 to $300,000. Homeowners can purchase additional liability coverage of $500,000 or even an umbrella policy which can increase limits to $1 million or more.

Specialty firearm liability insurance coverage is available to members of national gun organizations from a few insurers. Policies will vary, but premiums typically range in price from $130 up to about $300 per year. The policies provide liability insurance covering civil defense costs and criminal defense reimbursement if acquitted. 

Gun Storage and Safety

The California Office of the Attorney General provides information on the proper and legal requirements for the storage and use of firearms. These points include:

  • Store guns safely and securely to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Guns and ammunition should be stored separately.
  • Use a California-approved trigger lock or cable lock so it can't be fired.
  • Store it unloaded in a lockable container such as a California-approved lock box or gun safe.
  • Increase safety by using both a trigger or cable lock AND storing the gun in a storage container.
  • Don't store guns where visible.
  • Don't store firearms with other valuables such as jewelry or cameras, etc.
  • If you have children in the household, you may be guilty of a misdemeanor or felony if you keep a loaded, unsecured firearm on the premises under your custody and a child under the age of 18 obtains and uses it or carries it to a public place.


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