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Published  11/20/2011 | Storms


After The Winds, Don't Get Blown Away By Fraud
As the damage from this weeks windstorms is tallied, a new peril may threatens homeowners -- con artists posting as contractors and public adjusters. More Releases.

Got Wind Damage?
With high winds forecast to slam California, homeowners may wonder whether they are financially protected from flying debris and falling trees. More Releases.

Insurance Experts Answer Storm Damage Questions
With a record-setting series of storms poised to continue pummeling California through Christmas, the Insurance Information Network of California offers advice.
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National Flood Insurance Program Changes Policies
More than a quarter million homeowners could see changes in their insurance under the federal flood insurance program. More Releases.

Winter Storms Require Quick Homeowner Action
With rain, snow and freezing temperatures in the forecast across much of California, homeowners need to act to prevent possible damage.
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Flood Damage vs. Water Damage
Water, water everywhere, but not a drop should be there.  With dismay, you discover that your home is filled with damaging water.  Will your insurance policy cover this loss?

Flood Insurance:  What Every Homeowner Needs To Know
Did you know that most homeowners insurance policies do not offer protection against flood losses?  Standard homeowner policies will cover damage a storm might cause, but exclude damages from what is known as "rising water."


National Flood Insurance Program
Institute for Business and Home Safety
The Cost of Flooding [Interactive]

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